Raising the quality of teaching and learning

We know that process-based quality assurance systems have an important role to play in improving the overall quality - and colleges are generally pretty good at these. But the principal drivers of quality in teaching and learning are the knowledge, skills and practices of the teacher or trainer and, in these areas, the Chief Inspector has found many weaknesses. The only viable means of addressing those weaknesses is through the professional development and learning (PDL) of serving teachers, trainers and those who lead them.

This analysis is shared by the 157 Group as illustrated by their 2012 seminar paper Raising standards of teaching and learning through effective professional development. This identified the key issues as:

  • The development of more research‑informed approaches to teaching and learning.
  • Investigation of the types of support that leaders can provide to promote innovation and best practice in teaching and learning.
  • How to better assess the impact of professional development on teaching and learning.
  • The development of professional identities and more networks for teachers and trainer.

 Click here to read the 157-Group report on SKEIN