How to make your CPD more effective

Golden Eggs - examples of good practice:

The Castle School uses a particularly comprehensive and systematic approach to needs analysis which draws together evidence from performance management, an intensive skills audit and an annual diagnostic analysis of staff trajectories, performance and confidence in order to identify CPD priorities.  From this impressive base the CPD team identifies  projects and roles which people can use as a platform for further professional learning and improvement. The care taken to identify opportunities that respond to in-depth analysis of needs, talents and trajectories means colleagues feel they are responsible for taking forward their own learning and the school is responsible fro creating an environment that helps them do it well.

St Edwards school encourages staff to analyse whole school data, in particular SATs data, to identify school priorities for the development plan, which in turn informs CPD planning. The head sees her role as balancing the priorities coming from subject areas, and encouraging staff to look across the piece, rather than just focussing on their area alone. This whole school focus is balanced by the opportunities peer observation provide for making explicit teachers’ progress in implementing particular approaches to teaching and learning

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